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Hi I'm Kelsey Padigos, Hypnotherapist & Transformation Coach. Do you dream about:
  • Feeling more confident in your own skin?

  • Feeling more present with your kids?

  • Having toxic-free relationships that make you a better person?

  • Having a stress-free relationship with money?

  • Having the confidence to grow & scale your business?

  • Having the energy to truly ENJOY your life?

Curious about how I can help you?   

I help ambitious entrepreneurs do the inner work to crush their goals. 

Hypnotherapist & Breathwork Facilitator Kelsey Padigos

If you're considering working with Kelsey, don't think about it for even a second longer, DO IT! My life over the past 3 months of working with her has been better, easier, lighter, filled with more freedom, more confidence, less stress and more contentment in every moment, than the previous 39 years of my life. If you're dealing with something big, something small, if you don't even know you're dealing with something, Kelsey Is the answer to working through it and coming out better on the other side!

-Jenna LaCour

What I Specialize In


Financial Prosperity

Stress Relief

Life Coaching

Health Goals


"Whatever the mind can conceive & believe, it can achieve." 

-Napoleon Hill

I absolutely love working with Kelsey! She has pushed me beyond my own beliefs and continues to push me to my highest self. The last 7 months that I've been working with her have changed my business & personal life tremendously and so much more greatness is starting to form. I'm excited to see what else is in store for us as we continue to work together!      -Cheyenne Williams

Meet Kelsey Padigos

Hypnotherapist & Subconscious Reprogramming Specialist

I believe that true change comes from a shift of perception.
We all have an inner world filled with belief systems, thought patterns, & paradigms that are influencing our confidence level & the quality of our lives. 


I'm here to help you clear your subconscious mind of the clutter that has been hindering your growth & well-being.

A few, effective internal shifts can create positive lasting change in your relationships, health, career & life. By harnessing the power of your own mind you can break free from limiting beliefs & pave a path towards positive change. 

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Kelsey has changed my life! Specifically when it comes to my money mindset. She taught me to be grateful for the money I had and what it has done for me so far. The minute this switch was made, things just started switching for me! I went from not recruiting someone in my network marketing business for over a year to recruiting two people in a week, to getting a new job that gave me a 19k raise and making 6 figures. Thank you Kelsey!!! -Stefanie Viviana

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