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Kelsey Padigos
Abundance Coach & Personal Trainer for Your Mind.
  • Are you tired of being on a hamster wheel of lack & chaos in your life?

  • Are you DONE with overthinking & want to finally create a fulfilling business & life?

  • Are you ready to uplevel your relationships, including the one you have with yourself?

Welcome to The Confidence Company, your home for true transformation. Here you'll get the emotional, mental, & spiritual support you need to take your life to the next level. Want to see how my services can help you? You can book a free call with me below! 

You Can Rewrite Your Story.


What I Specialize In


Financial Prosperity

Stress Relief

Life Coaching

Health Goals


"Whatever the mind can conceive & believe, it can achieve." 

-Napoleon Hill

Hypnotherapy is a research backed modality used for sub-conscious reprogramming . Prepare to free yourself from old mental cycles, patterns & behaviors that have been holding you back and step into your true, powerful self. 

"Having a NLP session with Kelsey exceeded my expectations. I did not want the session to end, but when it did, I had a different type of positive energy and was more aware and present for the remainder of the day."

- Breanah B.

"The entire experience really helped me to address a lot of negativity and trauma that I'd been holding on to for too long and also really helped in aiding me to allow myself to choose a new and lighter path of freedom from it."

- Courtney K.

"If you're feeling stuck or can't figure out why you keep cycling through those self-destructive thoughts or behaviors, please, see, Kelsey. You will leave refreshed and inspired with more tools on how to control your thoughts and overcome your fears."

- Amber A.

Meet Kelsey

Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner, & Breathwork Facilitator

My goal is to empower you by uncovering the layers of thoughts, experiences, and beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward and taking action. I am here to help you confidently live the abundant life you desire.

Hypnotherapy, NLP, & Breathwork are alternative modes of therapy that focus on integrating the mind, body & spirit, helping you achieve holistic success in your life. Through this work you will let go of the weight from the past and learn how to use your mind as a tool to create your future. 

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