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Energetic Match

For the ambitious woman who wants
to start creating real abundance 
in her life. a monthly hypno-breathwork membership designed to help you optimize your life, by leveraging your subconscious mind. So many people focus on shifting their external circumstances and spend little to no time on shifting their internal paradigms.


This keeps people stuck, stagnant, and getting the same results over and over again no matter how hard they try. Their subconscious programming isn't in alignment with their goals & aspirations, making it that much more difficult to reach results and/or keep them.  

By leveraging your subconscious mind, you can align this 95% of your mind to work for you towards getting new results in your life that have you feeling more fulfilled, successful and content.

Rewire the neural pathways that are holding you back and you can rewrite your reality while feeling more connected & confident with yourself.


no risk membership - join or unjoin anytime, no questions asked.


Stop living with an untrained mind...

-Do you feel like you've done so much self-development work but aren't seeing the results in your life that you expected?

-Do you experience brain fog & lack clarity and focus but know that you are capable of so much more?

-Do you have strong starts but weak finishes?

-Do you try to think new thoughts or use positive affirmations and it's not helping?

-Do you feel like your loved ones aren't getting the best version of you because you are so burnt out?

Start training your mind to create new results

Hypnotherapist & Breathwork Facilitator

Every month you'll get 2 LIVE Group
hypno-breathwork sessions!

Luxurious & relaxing vacation scene at the beach
  • I believe creating your life from the inside out isn't a one and done deal, it's a lifestyle!

  • Just like working out- the more you exercise your "abundance mindset" muscles, the more you get out!

  • Life will continue to throw new curveballs & challenges. This membership is a place where you can come to release the stresses of life, process what's happening for you in real time & show up in your life as the person you want to be. 

  • There's no finish line to tapping into the abundant potential & wisdom your subconscious mind holds!

Welcome to Your Abundance Mindset Gym

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