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4 Beliefs to Adopt When Taking New Actions!

Starting a Podcast had been on my heart for a while. I was super excited for weeks about this new venture and felt finally ready to get started on it. I asked my husband to help me with the technical aspect of getting the right equipment and he ended up surprising me for Mother’s Day with a beautiful Podcast Studio! You would think I would have been so happy and eager to open it and start learning how to use it. Wrong, I felt FROZEN! I even kept it in the box, in the garage, for weeks. It was like I finally got what I wanted and then I let my conscious, negative self-talk start butting in and tell me all the reasons why I am not ready to do this and why no one would even care about what I have to say. Then came a cycle of shame, guilt, and self-criticism for listening to my negative voice and feeling absolutely stuck.

Of course, I learned so much from this experience. The truth is, our personal transformations cannot happen overnight, nor in the way we planned for them to happen. I saw what I was doing and listened to what I was saying to myself. Then, I flipped the script and installed these four belief systems into my sub-conscious which then led to me successfully submitted my podcast to Apply iTunes.

4 Beliefs to Adopt When Taking New Actions :

  1. People are literally counting on me to stop playing small and step into my gifts.

2. Failure is an illusion.

3. I bring the special sauce to whatever it is I do.

4. It’s ok to feel stuck, I give myself compassion and grace until the next step is revealed.

Give yourself so much grace and compassion when you feel stuck or frozen. Look at this experience as an important step in your transformation. When we grow and evolve, it can’t just happen the way we want to overnight. There are lessons that we are constantly gaining wisdom from.

Perhaps feeling stuck in a moment, is going to help you help someone else one day. Perhaps it will be the reason why you create the things that you do. Perhaps it will be the reason you make the decision to choose a path in your life filled with abundance and financial prosperity. Perhaps it’s the reason you choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

If you have a new venture that is on your heart, repeat these 4 beliefs and Adopt them as your own. Know that you are divinely guided to all of the next steps. You are the special sauce to whatever it is you do or produce. There really is no such thing as “failing.” You only grow.

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