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Dress for your Higher Self

You know how some clothes can make you feel so much more confident than others?

You aren't just imagining it- how you dress really does have an effect on your psychology and performance. It's called "enclothed cognition," and I talk all about it on my latest podcast episode on The Confidence Company Podcast (Episode 99, next is episode 100 EEKK!!). In a nutshell, researches found in a study in 2012 that we give clothes symbolic meanings to our clothes and therefore can shift our attention, our focus and performance while wearing them. And it goes both ways- if we wear clothes that suggest "we don't care how we look," then we are more likely to show up in our life that way.

I used to work in the fashion industry and what I really didn't like about it was the constant pressure to keep up with the Jones's which turned me off to the superficial nature of it sometimes. But what I can get behind is dressing to embody my Higher Self.

Everyone has a higher version of themselves (have you connected with yours?) This is a really fun tip that helps you play all of your aced when it comes to up-leveling your life and your business. Connecting with your higher self daily helps you live in your most authentic, fullest expression and therefore your purpose (which makes life so much more rewarding).

So instead of feeling pressured by "what's in or what's out," in the fashion world, connect to your higher self and allow them to guide you to your outfit of the day. Whenever I feel myself going through an "inner growth spurt" I like to purge my closet of clothes that no longer serve me and choose clothes that embody the energy that I want to flow forward in my life with.

If you want a meditation to help you connect with your higher self you can visit episode 21 of my podcast to guide you. I just purged my closet as a representation of my latest expansion and am ready to now do some "intuitive shopping." This can be such a beautiful way to support your healing journey that can feel really heavy sometimes.

What kind of vibe does your higher self embody? What do you imagine them wearing? How would your energy shift if you started dressing for the next level of you now?

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