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Have you been Repelling Money?

We may think that we want more money to solve our problems, however our sub-conscious programming may be repelling it without you even realizing! Our sub-conscious programming has a direct connection to the amount of money you have right now in your bank account. In his book, “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind,” T. Harv Ecker calls this your financial thermostat.

If you are programmed to be poor, then you will be poor.

If you are programmed to be wealthy, then you will be wealthy.

Can you think of a number right now that you believe is the maximum income you could possibly earn? Let’s question that number. Why did you choose it? What makes you believe that you could not earn more? What would be the consequences be of you earning more?

Money carries energy and a whole lot of emotions. Think about how you experienced money growing up. Did you used to hear your parents arguing over money constantly? Did you used to hear them say things like “money doesn’t grow on trees or we can’t afford that”? All of these emotional experiences create our financial blueprint.

How do you talk about money now? How does money make you feel? Worried, clingy, desperate, frustrated, nervous? How do you feel about people who have lots of money? However you feel around money is how money will respond to you.

If you truly do want more money you have to heal the layers of emotions that you have associated with money. Match your sub-conscious programming with your true desires of financial prosperity. Wealth is a mindset, a filter in which you see through the world. Program your sub-conscious for wealth and the law of the universe has no other option but to respond to your wealth.

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