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How to Unleash Confidence

There was a time when confidence was something that felt so beyond out of my range of feeling. Sure I could put on a mask of confidence, I knew what it could look like and I knew how to emulate it. Maybe to others I was perceived as confident but again I did not embody confidence naturally. For so long I was searching outside of myself in order to achieve the level of confidence that I desired.

It wasn't until I experienced the power of transformation through Hypnosis until I finally felt what true confidence felt like. Through healing my past wounds I began to chip away at the pain, the low self-esteem & self-worth, and the insecurities. Mind you I did not have big trauma like sexual abuse or physical abuse, but the wounds we carry don't have to come from that. Trauma can come in all shapes and sizes such as separation or divorce, constant yelling from a parent, not being accepted by peers, or being told over and over again that you are wrong. These experiences effect the nervous system and therefore impact your DNA and identity.

So as I un-layered the pain I discovered that confidence was nothing outside of me that I had to reach for, it was inside of me all along. As the wounds healed, my confidence began to shine brighter. I began to feel whole, complete and so accepting of myself. I even canceled a breast augmentation dream of mine because I no longer felt the desire to! My point is, you don't have to search outside of yourself any longer for anything that you desire, everything is within you already you just have to set it free from the wounds and the pain that you have gotten so used to feeling.

The more you tend to your inner self, your heart, and your soul,

the more confidence you will unleash from within.

- Kelsey

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