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How to Use Affirmations

Are you skeptical about whether or not Positive Affirmations work?

Or maybe you aren't quite sure how to implement them effectively?

The "Power" of your word is a concept widely believed amongst different spiritual beliefs. Being intentional with your language is ANCIENT spiritual wisdom, we are talking like thousands of years old! For good reason too...

Affirmations allow you to TRAIN your BRAIN to believe whatever you want it to believe. In fact, everything that you are saying and thinking is affirming some belief that you have. With NEW affirmations that affirm a NEW belief, you can re-wire your brain to work for you in a more positive way to achieve the results that you actually want.

Another way to put this is that you can basically hypnotize yourself through positive affirmations to hold beliefs that increase your confidence, attract healthy relationships, make you a magnet for money, welcome success, and live a happier life.

If you are going to affirm anything to your brain, might as well be something beneficial to you right?!

Here's the thing- affirmations are way more effective when your EGO can believe it. So create an affirmation that is believable to the EGO allowing it to bypass your conscious mind and head straight into the sub-conscious. For example, if you are working on self-esteem issues it may be too much of a stretch to believe- "I love myself and my body so much." Instead you could affirm, "I am learning to love myself and my body." This works, because your ego will buy into thee fact that you are learning to do this rather than it already is.

For more tips about affirmations, visit my podcast on itunes, Spotify or Google - "The Confidence Company Podcast." I give you tons of free value all about re-wiring your brain for the life you deserve!

To Your Epic Life,

Kelsey Padigos

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