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"I don't want to lose control like they do in hypnosis shows!"

I remember seeing my first hypnosis show at the Del Mar Fair in San Diego.

Super random but did you ever watch the show Flava Flave on MTV? Do you remember “Punkin”?

Well she was the assistant to the hypnotist which was the reason why I even wanted to watch it, hahaha.

While watching this show I was so fascinated by the people who volunteered- "they are crazy," I thought, "I would never." And then I watched these people break out of their shells- dancing like madonna on stage, running through the audience like a cowboy, singing like Whitney Houston. What is happening? Was this real? Were they actors?

Fast forward 6 years when I learned the principles of the sub-conscious mind and how those people did what they did. The truth is they didn’t lose control and actually wanted to do those things! Fact: you can never be hypnotized to do something that you don’t want to do. You also can never be convinced to believe something that you truly don’t want to believe.

So as someone who is always loving to find the most efficient ways to do things I fell in love with this idea of taking those principles that worked for those people on the stage and use them for improving people’s lives. What if we could use hypnosis to heal people’s trauma and their bodies just did it? What if we could use hypnosis to make people more confident and they just did it? What if we could use hypnosis to help people make more money and they just did it?

Think of your sub-conscious like the auto-pilot feature in a Tesla. What if all you had to do is plug in the address of where you want to go- and your sub-conscious took you there…

This is isn’t about losing control, its about gaining it!

Have you ever volunteered at or watched a live hypnosis show?! What were your initial thoughts reactions?


PS: I have never once used a pendulum to hypnotize myself or someone else!

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