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Its time to Re-Write Your Script

Are you currently living your life like you are the author, the director, the producer, the editor and the Star of your Movie. Or are you an extra, letting things happen to you, being the victim of your circumstances, wallowing in self-doubt and pity. Are you letting world events and outside circumstances block you from opportunities? If you have a dream for your life you have to take 100% ownership of it. Accepting full responsibility for your life is the most empowering thing you could do for it. So take a look at your life right now and reflect on what it is that you have and what you don’t have. Stop blaming your parents, your teachers, your lack of education, your circumstances, your friends, your boss, your government for the life that you have, the amount of money that you have, the house that you have or do not have, etc. Now I want to ask you, at what percentage from 0-100, are you operating at when it comes to fulfilling your life goals and living in happiness? I am going to guess that you are not operating at 100% and that sometimes, if not most of the time you are playing the extra of what feels like someone else’s movie.

So what needs to change in your life to be your own hero? Are there people that you need to forgive? Do you need to forgive yourself? Perhaps there will be shadows that you have to face. What parts of you need healing? What lifestyle choices do you need to release and adopt? Where does your focus and attention to be? Imagine that you wake up with a battery full of energy for the day. Theres only so much. Its up to you to decide where the flow of your energy is going to go to get you closer and closer to the life that you actually want to have and manifest. This begins by choosing to be the hero of your own journey. Take the challenges, the trauma, the hardships, the darkness and use that to grow and evolve and turn it around for your benefit.You are the authors the producer, the editor, and the Star of your Movie. Re-write your script today.

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