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Natural Practices to Reduce Anxiety.

When it comes to anxiety, I think an important aspect about it that we overlook is that it comes from somewhere. Anxiety has become so normalized in today’s society that its almost like we forget that it’s not supposed to be normal.

Studies show that anxiety disorders affect 19 MILLION AMERICANS. So as a hypnotherapist who loves to get to the root of the issues and not just soothe the symptom, I ask the question what is CAUSING 19 million Americans to experience unnecessary suffering? It’s no question that anxiety effects our quality of living and creates stress in the body that overtime has no choice but to manifest as an illness or disease.

The reason why I became so passionate about hypnotherapy is because my mother at the young age of 64 passed away of cancer. She was healthy in the sense of she ate healthy, did weird stuff like took spoonfuls of bee pollen and washed her hair with apple cider vinegar. She exercised, refused to use paraben filled lotions, and opted for the natural and healthy cleaning products. How could someone so conscious about health get a rare cancer in her blood cells? The answer is- poor emotional health weakens the immune system.

See my mother suffered from PTSD from dysfunction from her childhood. Because she didn’t have the tools to heal her past, the trauma was stuck in the cells of her body. Trauma when stuck in the body, recreates itself over and over and over again because its what the body KNOWS. I learned the some of the same dysfunctional patterns that my mom had (no matter how much we say “I don’t want to be like my parents” its hard not to because our sub-conscious is formed between the ages of 0-7!)

I learned anxiety without knowing I learned it. To be honest I never recognized I was experiencing anxiety until I started healing. I was a very high-functioning anxious person.

Anxiety is in the sub-conscious mind (your emotional body) which is why I have found hypnotherapy and breath work to be an effective combo of alternative healing modalities to reduce anxiety from the body. With hypnotherapy you can discover the root cause of the anxiety and start the healing process through guided imagery and empowering suggestions.

Hypnotherapy gives us straight access to the sub-conscious and the positive effects of it happen on a cellular level.

Breathwork allows you to rewire your breath. Sometimes we have anxiety due to the unhealthy breath patterns we learned.

90% of people have unnatural breathing habits that lead to physical and mental symptoms, including anxiety.

Through the re-wiring of our breath we can detoxify the body, clear past traumas, reduce worry and anxiety, relieve depression, elevate our mood, interrupt self-sabotaging patterns and so much more!

This is why I’ve combined both modalities in my sessions with clients and why I make breath work a daily practice of healing.

If you are looking for an alternative mode of healing for long-lasting change, hypnotherapy and breath work could be for you. Remember that your body is also designed to heal itself, and with the right tools for you paired with your commitment to heal, positive change is inevitable.


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