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The Power of Your Thoughts

Every thought that we have creates a physiological response in the body. If we have stressful thoughts, our body feels stressed. If we have happy thoughts, the molecules and cells in our body feel happy. Neuroscience has proven that our thoughts play a vital role in our health not only in the mind but the body. Research also has shed light on the facts that we have the capability to restructure our cells and the DNA, with none other than the power of our thoughts. This means that if Breast Cancer “runs in the family,” you can actually change the biology of your cells to be free from this “genetic cancer.” Also the belief itself that cancer “runs in the family” could be just as/ or even more responsible for falling ill to cancer.

Dr. Bruce Lipton explains these concepts in his book, The Biology of Belief. In fact these concepts were what led me down my own path to being obsessed with sub-conscious programming. My mother passed away of Multiple Myeloma, a cancer in the white blood cells when she was 64 years old. My mother, Lynne Ritter, was the healthiest person I knew. She ate so healthy and was always surprising me as a child with the new additions to her regimens such as bee pollen and chia seeds. She was very strict about the lotions that she used, careful to exclude products with paragons. She exercised regularly, especially outside where she also fed her spiritual connection. The one thing that was not necessary “healthy” was her emotional body. She was diagnosed with PTSD, and other than that I am not positive she was diagnosed with depression, but as a child I could feel her energy intuitively. I never met her mother, my grandmother, but I know that she was diagnosed with Bi-Polar disorder. Her mother also passed of an environmental cancer, Mesothelioma, caused by exposure to Asbestos. Now I am not qualified to say for sure that the health of their minds are correlated to the cancers that overcame their bodies, however I took a good look at my “lineage” and began to see some patterns in my own mental/emotional well-being.

I made the decision to take control of my thoughts that were constantly putting me down, making me fearful, angry, full of hate, confusion, holding-grudges, making me feel less than and not good enough. When I discovered this research, and the concept of Hypnosis, I knew that I found the tools that would forever change my life. So I ask you today, are your thoughts truly serving you, and your well-being? If you knew that every thought you have does not stay in your mind rent-free, would you allow the thoughts costing you energy, happiness, peace and love to stay? What If every thought you have either takes away from you or adds to your life? If you have the capability to create a mind that could attract the life that you know you deserve, are you willing to do the work to create it?

There is so much freedom in this work, knowing that you have the absolute power to program your mind into whatever you want it to be. So today, you can declare what it is that you want your life. Make unapologetic declarations. You deserve it, because you exist. Own your power and get your thoughts working for you!

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