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What Lens Are You Looking Through?

Every single one of us has a unique lens or perspective that we see the world through. This is based on your sub-conscious programming and all of the unique experiences that you have had in your life. With these blueprints and experiences, you view the world with a particular lens that reflects your belief systems.

This lens filters information through so that it reflects your belief systems of the world and your programming. So if you are programmed to see scarcity and lack of money, then that’s what your lens is going to see. If you are programmed for abundance and wealth consciousness, then that’s what your lens is going to see. Through your lens, do you see yourself as the victim in circumstances or as the victor of your life? The amazing thing is that you have the power to change up the lens at any time! If you want to build stronger female connections or find a like-minded tribe, put on the lens that “its easy to find like-minded women who are supportive of me.” If you want more money to flow into your bank account, then put on the lens “its easy to attract money, money is everywhere!.”

Is the lens that you are currently wearing serving you or bringing you closer to your dream life, dream house, car, time freedom, and wealth for your family? Or is it making you a negative Nancy and all you see and attract in your life is more negativity, more rude people and more chaos?

Which is lens is going to get you what you actually want out of your human experience? Get intentional with the lens you see the world through and watch opportunities, people, success, money, friendships that you have always wanted flock to to you.

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