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"The more money I make the lighter I feel, the lighter I feel the more money I make."


In this walking hypnosis, you can take the stress out of money with every step you take- and let making money be WAY MORE FUN! Money takes on the energy we give it, so how would it feel to no longer feel heavy, stressed out, or chaotic with money and instead felt light, abundant & FUN?


Hypnosis is the science of communication & concentration of your mind. It is a trance state we can experience while driving, while watching tv, while listening to music, & while walking! Walking helps you get out of your monkey mind (your conscious mind, 5% of you) and into your body (your sub-conscious mind, 95% of you). This is the perfect recipe for your mind to receive helpful messages about money, abundance & prosperity and make them the programs running in the background of your life, giving you new results!


This recording is designed to release money mindset blocks and grow your earning power with every step you take. For optimal benefits, listen to it regularly (repitition is hypnosis too!) , and walk with your hands free of devices!


When we carry objects in our hands (like our phone or carry a heavy purse on our shoulder) we interupt the cross lateral communication between the hemispheres of our brain. Allowing your arms to swing freely as you walk, helps deliver the transformational money programming to both sides of your brain more effieciently. 


Enjoy your fun money walk! 


Recording runs for 21 min, 44 secs. 


This recording is a tool to support your process of rewiring your money mindset and does not guarantee results. 


Fun Money Walking Hypnosis

  • Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. This file is not to be duplicated or used for resale. 

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