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“Money doesn’t have beliefs about us, we have beliefs about money.”


Your Money ceiling is the amount of money that you energetically feel is your limit (AKA your financial comfort zone). This comfort zone began forming as early as the age of 7.


Let me give it to you straight: if you believe there’s a cap on the amount of income you’re allowed to make, that very belief will stop you from setting bold and daring money goals AND from increasing your cash flow.


In this recording I help you get crystal clear on what the next level of your money life looks like. Through hypnosis I will help you overcome the fears that may be subconsciously blocking your money waterfall. We will rewire the limiting beliefs about money you have deeply rooted in your subconscious mind. This recording will serve as a potent tool to assist in healing the programming, trauma, and beliefs you have surrounding money allowing you to design a rock solid foundation in your money mindset, break through your income ceiling, and unlock the waterfall of cash that awaits you.


For best results, listen to this recording repeately. For even BETTER results, listen to multiple times a day until you get your desired outcome. 


Recording runs for 11 minutes 19 seconds.

Shatter Your Money Ceiling

  • Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. This file is not to be duplicated or used for resale. 

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