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When you are going to a new level in your life and business, your mind is going into uncharted territory. 


Your mind views unfamiliar territory, even if it's positive and what you want, as possible danger- cue anxiety. 


Maybe your business is growing, or you know that you are ready to play bigger, you are ready to be seen by more people, etc, but anxious thoughts are stopping you from taking action. 


This walking hypnosis is designed to help your sub-conscious slay anxiety as you go to your next level by focusing your mind on feeling safe, loved, powerful, and confident. Imagine feeling MORE confident as you do the things you know you are capable of, feeling truer to yourself than ever! 


You get to trust yourself, your ideas, your business moves, your unique creativity on this amazing entreprenurial journey! 


Why a walking hypnosis? 1)Walking is a function of the sub-conscious mind, and so you are in your body instead of your monkey mind which is perfect for rewiring your mind! 2) As you walk, the messages in the audio recording are suggested to be anchored into your sub-concious with every step you take. 3) You are geting anxious energy out of your body as you walk. Walking also enhances balance & calmess in the body! 


For best results listen to the recording frequently and as often as you need! This is a safe, helpful, and effectice modality to get you new powerful results. 


Recording is 16 min, 4 sec.


This audio recording is designed to be a tool to support positive change & results are not guaranteed. 

Slay Anxiety as you Up-Level Walking Hypnosis

  • Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. This file is not to be duplicated or used for resale.

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