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VIP Hypno-Coaching

"For being a skeptic of therapy in general, Kelsey opened my eyes to how powerful the sub-conscious mind influences the way you live and how tapping into it can give you insights for creating a better life. I've been working with her for 6 months and she has helped me work through issues of anxiety and fear with amazing guidance and positivity. Through the sessions she has taught me so much about myself, and with that helped me to pursue my passion. I always look forward to the sessions and I'm excited to continue the journey of self growth and enlightenment."

                       -Mark Arroyo

A personal hypno-coaching container is like having a personal trainer for your mind.
Imagine what your life will look and feel like over 3 or 6 months of momentum, as you illuminate your true excellence from within.
Hypnotherapy is an unparalleled tool to upgrade the sub-conscious mind.
Whether you want to grow your business and financial life, melt weight away, live a healthier life style, boost self-esteem, radically reduce stress, anxiety & depression, and/or improve the quality of your relationships, hypnotherapy aides as a natural, efficient and powerful tool.
In a healthy & revitalizing state of mental & physical relaxation, hypnotherapy now puts a magnifying glass on hidden triggers that once led to negative thoughts, patterns and behaviors.
Imagine, being given a visible path to rewrite your old patterns so you can live your best life.
Kelsey’s expertise is in re-programming the sub-conscious mind and blends hypnotherapy with breathwork, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), & EFT “Tapping,” for optimal results.

Choose from a 3 month or 6 month Container.

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