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Kelsey Padigos 

Entrepreneur | Hypnotherapist | Coach | Breathwork Facilitator 

Why hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a gentle process of calming & quieting the conscious mind so that you can directly access your subconscious mind for positive, long-lasting change.

Our subconscious mind controls our emotions, self-esteem, belief systems, thought patterns, immune system, as well as our automatic functions. It is the 95% of you that drives your behaviors, responses, and choices leading to the results that you are creating in your life.

Trying to make changes in your life solely on a conscious level is only utilizing 5% of your mind, making it easier to divert back to old unhelpful habits.

By accessing your subconscious mind you can tap into unlimited potential & shift old belief systems and paradigms that aren't in alignment with your future.

Hypnotherapy is the #1 tool that enables us to gently & effectively rewire our minds by gaining control of our thought patterns and shifting them to match the results that we DO want.

Hear from Lyndsi Weiss!
Entrepreneur & Mom of Twins

What re-programming my mind 
has done for me:


What to expect working together:

First you will be given an overview of your subconscious mind & hypnosis that will empower you to create the change you want to see in your life as well as understand what's been getting in your way.

Then, we will discuss your goals and you will be given a suggested plan of action to rapidly create the change that you desire.


Once you are fully on board with the plan & hypnosis, the actual subconscious rewiring process will begin. You will remain fully awake & mentally aware throughout your session. You will enjoy a healthy, renewing state of relaxation as suggestions to meet your goals will be given to your powerful subconscious mind. 

These suggestions become new, helpful & supportive neural pathways in your mind to help you achieve your goals as your old programming melts away. 

As your session comes to an end you will be given additional suggestions for self-confidence, love & good health to enhance overall well-being. 

You may enjoy the rapid benefits of hypnotherapy, tapping, breathwork & NLP throughout each session. 

 I found myself in a place of massive BURN OUT. I was an entrepreneur- multiple coffee shop owner, new mom of 2, step mom of 2, wife & I had just lost my mom to cancer. I hit what felt like my "rock-bottom." Even with accomplishments I felt like the headless horseman, dismembered from my body, myself & my joy.

I set out looking for answers, I knew how I was feeling at the time wasn't what life had for me. This is when hypnotherapy & subconcious reprogramming found me. As they say, "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

I got certified at the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy as a Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner. I also got certified as a Life Strategist Coach & Breakthwork Facilitator. 

Learning how to rewire my subconscious mind has taken me from being hyper critical of myself to holding myself with love, grace & compassion that outwardly pours into those around me. I've experienced healing in my body, with God, with my past, in relationships, & with money. It's given me to tools to continue to evolve as a leader in my businesses, with my kids & with myself. This is an upward journey to living an enriching life while staying connected to your joy & creativity. I'm honored to be able to stand alongside you and teach you how to harness your unlimited potential to manifest your unique success in your life!

The entire experience really helped me to address a lot of negativity and trauma that I'd been holding on to for too long. Kelsey really helped in aiding me to allow myself to choose a new and lighter path of freedom from it.

- Courtney Klos

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