Meet Kelsey

Certified Hypnotherapist, Coach & Breathwork Facilitator 

My goal is to empower you by uncovering the layers of thoughts, experiences, and beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward and taking action. I am here to help you confidently live the abundant life you desire. Experience the phenomenon of hypnosis, a state of deepened physical relaxation and heightened concentration that allows direct access to your sub-conscious mind for positive change and healing.

I work together with you to get you the results you desire from maintaining a healthier lifestyle to feeling more confident in your life. Through these sessions my clients uncover the sub-conscious blocks that have been holding them back for years. As a result, my clients develop a closer relationship with themselves as their self-esteem sky rockets and their intuition strengthens. Schedule your complimentary call to discover that The Confidence Company is the next step in your journey. This is your time to ask any questions you may have about hypnosis, discuss your desired outcomes, and your plan of action to get what you want!