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Kelsey Padigos 

Entrepreneur | Hypnotherapist | Coach | Breathwork Facilitator 

Why hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a gentle process of calming & quieting the conscious mind so that you can directly access your subconscious mind for positive, long-lasting change.

Our subconscious mind controls our emotions, self-esteem, belief systems, thought patterns, immune system, as well as our automatic functions. It is the 95% of you that drives your behaviors, responses, and choices leading to the results that you are creating in your life.

Trying to make changes in your life solely on a conscious level is only utilizing 5% of your mind, making it easier to divert back to your unconcsious programming.

By learning how to rewire your subconscious mind you tap into unlimited potential & can clear & shift old belief systems and paradigms that aren't in alignment with your future.

Hypnotherapy is the tool that enables us to gently & effectively rewire our minds by gaining control of our thought patterns and shifting them to match the results that we DO want.

Hear from Lyndsi Weiss!
Entrepreneur & Mom of Twins

What re-programming my mind 
has done for me:


What to expect working together:

In a session you can expect to bypass your conscious mind through relaxation techniques & guided imagery. In a relaxed state, your brain now has ample energy to create change in the deeper levels of your mind instead of burning out from using will power. I include other modalities such as NLP, EFT (Tapping), & breathwork throughout the sessions to support your subconscious & nervous system upgrade. 

Here is the process we will use together to create new results in your life:

1. Get clear on your Vision/What you want

2. Make Identity Shifts/ Inner Child Work 

3. Release & shift limiting beliefs/ what's getting in your way.

4. Regulate your nervous system.

5. Re-pattern & rehearse new, helpful thought patterns in alignment with what you DO want.

This work truly empowers you to take full responsibility of your success & turn your vision for your life into your reality. 

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 I found myself in a place of massive BURN OUT. I was an entrepreneur- multiple coffee shop owner, new mom of 2, step mom of 2, wife & I had just lost my mom to cancer. I hit what felt like my "rock-bottom." Even with accomplishments I found myself depressed, unsatisfied, lonely, lost & disconnected from myself & my joy

I set out looking for answers, I knew how I was feeling at the time wasn't what life had for me. This is when I was listening to a podcast where I heard about hypnosis & "subconscious reprogramming." The Business Hypnotist being interviewed on the podcast was giving away a vacation and ticket to his seminar in Vegas to learn all about this "mind stuff." I thought I was going to learn how to make more money in my businesses, and I came back home with a new seed planted in my heart. I knew I had to learn how to help other people tap into the power within themselves that I was able to tap into at that seminar

I got certified at the Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy as a Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner. I also got certified as a Life Strategist Coach & Breakthwork Facilitator. 

Learning how to rewire my subconscious mind has taken me from self-hatred to having the ability to hold massive grace, compassion & love for myself. I've healed my relationship with my body, with God, with my past, in relationships, & with money. It's given me to tools to continue to evolve as a leader in my businesses, with my kids & with myself. This is an upward journey to living a fulfilling & enriching life. I'm honored to be able to stand alongside you and teach you how to harness your unlimited potential to manifest your unique vision for your life!

The entire experience really helped me to address a lot of negativity and trauma that I'd been holding on to for too long. Kelsey really helped in aiding me to allow myself to choose a new and lighter path of freedom from it.

- Courtney Klos

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