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A study found that 6 Hypnotherapy Sessions have a 93% success rate

Compared to 600 psychotherapy sessions with a 38% success rate
22 Behavioral therapy sessions with a 72% success rate.

I have sat with how to best relay how Kelsey has helped me, because words cannot adequately convey it. Her approach to coaching and hypnotherapy is so loving, supportive, and expansive. 

With Kelsey’s support, I have been able to deepen my own connection to myself, to my purpose and calling, strengthen my relationship with my husband, and find the answers I was looking for but didn’t realize I needed!! 

If you have the opportunity to work with Kelsey, I encourage you to take it! It’s the combination of her intuitive genius along side your work to integrate that the transformation happens, and it will happen! It’s the beauty of the subconscious! ♥️♥️

- Melanie Tingey

Entrepreneur who had success with hypnotherapy
Mom and business owner had success with hypnotherapy

Working with Kelsey was a true gift and I am forever grateful. Kelsey helped me to heal so many deep rooted beliefs and trauma that I was ready to release. She is a soul expansive leader and a true light being in this world. I felt like I was speaking to a friend in all of my coaching calls that I have known forever. I felt completely transformed after working with her and FINALLY let go of limiting beliefs and stories that I was telling myself. I learned that I am in charge of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and what happens next in this life. Kelsey taught me how to take complete control of my life and move forward with grace and ease. My businesses are expanding and I know that it's because of her guidance, support, and tools that she taught me. Thank you Kelsey!

-Kate Leeney

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