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How to Embrace Radiant Confidence with Hypnotherapy

Imagine this version of YOU… excited, certain, passionate and IN LOVE with life- ready to take on challenges, your dreams and opportunities that come your way! While unlocking deep confidence can be a complex journey, hypnotherapy can help you tap into unshakeable confidence beyond the surface. Let’s explore how this natural tool can help you move forward in your life with confidence felt on a cellular level!

Understanding Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis simply is about “focus.” A hypnotherapist helps you stop focusing on your fears, negative self-talk, problems from the past and doubts and start focusing on your potential, positive attributes and a hopeful future. You are guided into a state of deep relaxation where your brain has the energy to reprogram your subconscious beliefs & patterns that are getting you the results in your life!

Hypnotherapy & Confidence

Confidence is deeply rooted in your beliefs and self-perception, living in your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy provides a direct pathway to this part of your mind, enabling you to identify and transform limiting beliefs and behaviors that hinder your self-assurance. By working with a trained hypnotherapist, you can explore the origins of your confidence issues (for example through inner child work) and create new positive associations and thought patterns that lead to new results.

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs

One of the significant benefits of hypnotherapy is the ability to reprogram limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind. Limiting beliefs come from our memories from the past that have shaped how we view ourselves and what we are capable of in our lives. In the session you are guided to the theta brain wave state that bypasses the critical mind and access this 95% of you that holds your limiting beliefs.
Through visualization and intentional language based on the information that you provide about your goals, your hypnotherapist can guide you through a process of rewriting your subconscious beliefs into ones that support you and move you toward your goals. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, your hypnotherapist can have you visualize yourself on that stage, partnered with positive suggestions to your subconscious that can help rewire your neural pathways to feel calm, confident, articulate and magnetic sharing your message! Through repetition, your subconscious will begin to accept these suggestions as truth and you will begin to show up as this confident version of yourself in real-life!

Addressing the Root Cause

The reason why hypnotherapy can be SO effective is because you can address the ROOT CAUSE of low self-confidence in a gentle, compassionate and effective way. If you want to pull out a weed, you want to pull it out by the ROOT. This approach goes beyond surface level therapy and coaching that can have people not really experiencing any real inner transformation at all. Hypnotherapy can help you heal, process and release the past traumas, pains of rejections and/or life events that left a lasting imprint on your subconscious mind. Imagine being able to turn these events into strengths and necessary parts of your unique journey that actually empower you.


You don't need to rely on your external circumstances and factors to remind you of your value. Embracing deep confidence is an empowering journey that allows you to tap into your inner wisdom & resources in your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can give you the tools to directly access your subconscious to rewire limiting beliefs and move forward in your life with certainty, passion and power.

What benefit of hypnotherapy is speaking to you?

Written by Kelsey Padigos, Hypnotherapist & Entrepreneur

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