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Morning time is THE time to set yourself up for the kind of day you want to have, no matter what life throws at you.


When you activate confidence, abundance and power at the start of your day, you activate the author within you.


You are the author, the director, the screenwriter and THE STAR of your movie.


Stop playing the extra of your life, and tap into your star-like confidence that is ready to be seen, heard, and take your day by the reins.


In this recording you will use a blend of breathwork and hypnotherapy to turn up the dial on your confidence level. Additional benefits of the breathwork used in this audio include:


-Calms and regulates the nervous system (relaxes mind & body)

-lowers blood pressure

-Reduces stress

-Improves mood

-Has been proven to help treat conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, PTSD, insomnia, pain management & depression


Ready to be the Star of your show? For best results listen to this audio frequently in the mornings, repetition works wonders on the mind & body. Think of this as a mental exercise, just like you would view drinking water, taking your vitamins, or moving your body.


7 min is all it takes to set yourself up for a potent, new day!


Recording runs for 7 min, 5 seconds

7 Min Morning Activate Your Inner Confidence

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