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Your love can shift an atmosphere...


Drift off into a deep, abundant, love filled sleep, that will make you feel warm, supported and vibrating with LOVE! 


When you FEEL loved on a deep level, you feel unstoppable. 


The liberating truth is that you are the one responisble for your experience with "love" in your life, which means you can stop waiting for other people's love to validate you. 


You can raise your love frequency, and therefore the love you attract in your life, through LOVING YOURSELF FIRST.  


This recording can help you let the walls around your heart soften, letting you RECEIVE and EXPRESS love in a deeper way than ever.  


So get your cozies on, and align yourself to the frequency of love while you sleep. 


Enjoy Delta Frequency Soundwaves after the hypnosis, to support deep, restorative sleep. 




This recording is meant to support your mindset and results may vary depending on the individual. 


Raise Your Love Frequency Sleep Hypnosis

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